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Organisations that neglect their long-term strategy risk lacking intention in their decision making, moving forward with an unclear purpose and potentially missing critical opportunities.

For most of our clients, the landscape they operate is also ever evolving. Threats from competitors, media cycles, competing agendas and industry trends can cause significant disruption to your organisation.

If you find that your organisation is getting caught behind, missing opportunities or regularly being interrupted by shifts within the industry you may consider engaging Michelson Alexander’s Strategic Counsel service.

Prepare for the unknown with Strategic Counselling


Our Strategic Counsel service provides you with a roadmap for critical decisions, deep-rooted in your existing organisation values. With a strategy in place, you will be positioned to react to industry dynamics and changing business conditions with consistency, ever- focused on your overarching mission and vision.

We will conduct internal and competitor analyses to identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities and plan accordingly. We will invest time in understanding what drives your company, using this information to establish a way forward.

As a Michelson Alexander client, you will get access to a long-term plan that informs future decision making as well as timely strategic counsel and practical execution to guide you through periods of transformation in your industry. Whilst your organisation may be presented with unforeseen circumstances, you will be armed with a carefully designed strategic plan and an extra set of experienced hands to help you respond appropriately to opportunities and challenges.

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communications services

Crisis Management

Strategically prepare and execute communications during crises.


Build, engage and leverage the right people and networks.

Media & Public

Clarify and deliver key messaging to the public and media.


Analyse key policy movements and create mutually beneficial relationships with Government stakeholders.


Create content that builds a coalition of support.

Podcasting Services


Deliver your message in an engaging and cost-effective manner.


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