Do you know how current and proposed policies impact your organisation?


Organisations that endeavour to drive broader social impact often find themselves needing to engage in policy support services. Influencing government decision making is not always straightforward – it requires a nuanced approach, specialist knowledge and engagement with a broad range of stakeholders.

Without carefully considering how policy might affect your operations, your organisation risks being negatively impacted by government decisions that directly conflict with your agenda. Further, organisations that do not keep up with the electoral cycle and political landscape may miss the opportunity to influence critical policy decisions.

If you are concerned that current government decision-making is at odds with your organisation’s objectives, you might consider engaging Michelson Alexander’s Policy service.

Effectively gain government insight and support to help drive your agenda


Our independent Policy service provides you with an in-depth analysis of current government policy relevant to your organisation, a list of stakeholders and their views, and possible political implications of your business decisions. We invest time in understanding your objectives, and then look for opportunities to receive government support through submissions, legislation changes and funding.

Our consultants draw upon a wealth of experience in strategic communications to determine how your agenda can be best communicated to government stakeholders, with the aim of securing advocates for your organisation.

Upon broadly gauging your objectives, we will execute a plan that informs your engagement with policy makers. Key activities may include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Media monitoring
  • Briefing papers on an issue or policy
  • Assistance with submissions and funding applications
  • Campaigns to influence Members of Parliament on legislation

With our ongoing support, you will be placed to create mutually beneficial relationships with government stakeholders and secure positive outcomes for your organisation.

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