Is your organisation’s communication consistent, appropriate, and persuasive?


The communication content that you develop and how you choose to distribute it can determine how your organisation’s key message is received. Without spending adequate time and resources on effective content development, organisations risk losing an opportunity to provide value to and connect with stakeholders.

Key issues that organisations face with regards to their content include:

  • Not generating new and high-quality content consistently due to limited internal resources
  • Choosing distribution channels and platforms that are not suitable or relevant
  • Failing to understand the communication preferences of your audience

Further, many organisations do not take the time to measure their communication content ROI accurately, potentially perpetuating the use of an ineffective communication plan.

If you are concerned that your organisation lacks the internal resources to regularly develop and deliver effective communication content, you might consider engaging Michelson Alexander’s Communication Execution service.

Plan, develop and deliver content that supports your overall organisational strategy


Our Communication Execution service provides you with a detailed content creation plan and hands-on execution support that is tailored to a broad range of traditional and social media platforms, keeping in mind the varied use profiles across these platforms.

We take the time to understand your current content distribution plan, determine which elements are effective and where different strategies could be introduced.

Our consultants have extensive experience assisting our clients with strategic proofreading, pitch documents, slide decks, email (EDM) campaigns and digital presence support. We ensure that any content across your organisation’s website, blog and social media accounts is SEO optimised to facilitate engagement with the target audience.

In additional to distributing these materials, we conduct regular reviews of reach and impact for any written materials to continually improve messages and methods of delivery.

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Analyse key policy movements and create mutually beneficial relationships with Government stakeholders.


Strategically prepare and execute communications during crises.

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