H2 IN 2022 – A Wholistic Energy Transition

17 May, 2022 | 25min

Welcome to the latest episode of our mini-series on Australia’s hydrogen future, produced in collaboration with the Australian Hydrogen Forum.
So far on Michelson Alexander’s hydrogen mini-series, we’ve covered production, commercialisation, and the future of renewable gas in your home and on this episode, we discuss hydrogen in a much broader context.
The global search for renewable fuels is of course, driven by a need to lower carbon emissions. That need means that every part of the energy sector must transition. Hydrogen, then, is one piece in a very big puzzle.
Our guest, Jim Snow, is an Executive Director of Oakley Greenwood, a firm that, among other things, models different renewable energy scenarios. Jim will discuss some of the key questions we’ve been discussing surrounding the future of H2, but most importantly, he’ll help you to understand where hydrogen best fits in the broader energy mix.

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