We are a leading strategic communications firm. Our mission is results driven social impact. Our specialty is advancing causes that solve urgent national challenges.

At our helm is founder and director Steve Michelson, who is a thought leader on Australian politics, national campaigning and corporate social responsibility.

We are a full-service strategic commnunications firm.

No other firm can rival our expertise in delivering alignment between commercial objectives and pressing national issues.

Our Mission

Put simply, we exist to make the future a better place. We’re always seeking forward thinking clients to partner with to make their vision a reality.

If we accept you as a client it means we are truly aligned to your cause, because we share your passion for it.

Our Clients

Our clients are future focused enterprises across all sectors:
BUSINESS: We help the corporate sector achieve profit with purpose.
GOVERNMENT: We help all levels of the public sector maximise taxpayer dollars by co-designing policy and funding initiatives that deliver efficient social outcomes.
COMMUNITY: We help non-profit organisations deliver critical services in their communities.

Our Methods

We deliver on client strategic objectives through our unrivalled knowledge of the nexus between politics, media and policy. We recognise that complex social issues cannot be solved by addressing any of these fields in isolation.

The world never sleeps so we provide 24/7 access. We’re in your corner, fighting for your cause. We’re committed to supporting clients in the day-to-day challenges of implementation. We are natural-born campaigners, which means we run every issue like a national campaign.

Our Process

We like to meet you in person to best understand your needs. From here, we establish your strategic direction and determine your short, medium and long term objectives. We present you with a practical plan underpinned by real timeframes and clear KPIs.

We maintain regular contact at every stage of implementation to adapt the strategy to changing circumstances and seize windows of opportunities. We leverage our contacts to help you build allies and neutralise opposition. We go above and beyond to find real solutions.

Confidentiality and discretion are non-negotiable. We work quietly behind the scenes on sensitive matters to deliver impact.

Regardless of whether we assist your organisation for one day or one year, we are always straightforward in our advice, practical in our assistance and ever focused on your result.