Why we are a social impact firm

By May 21, 2019 No Comments
By Steve Michelson

As you may have noticed, my firm Michelson Alexander is unashamedly a “results driven social impact firm”.

So what does that mean?

After a fulfilling career in Australian politics as a senior staffer I had a burning desire to continue helping key organisations make a positive difference in society.

Through my work in Canberra I had met and worked closely with countless organisations who were passionate about making the world a better place.

So I founded what I believe is a truly unique business. Michelson Alexander supports organisations to maximise and accelerate the positive social change we need for Australia’s future.

For me, social impact looks like helping a minority community build their first community centre.

It looks like helping employers and employees sign an unprecedented compact to Australia’s migration program.

A large corporate delivering much-needed communications to regional Australia.

A training organisation deliver world-leading training skills to economically depressed regions.

Or a well-known charity secure additional funding to keep at risk young people out of the justice system.

Projects like these are close to my heart.

What you’ll notice from all of these examples is results.

During my years in public sector, legal, corporate and political roles I frequently came into contact with consulting firms that overpromised and underdelivered. So I was determined that my firm would never disappoint clients in the same way. And we don’t.

You’ll also notice that, unlike other social impact firms, we do not focus exclusively on the non-profit, civic and philanthropic space. In fact, corporate strategy and communications – especially financial communications – are a big part of what we do.

That is deliberate. I believe business can and must take bold action to make a positive social impact, and I am proud to assist corporate leaders in all fields to achieve their corporate responsibility goals.

Business has realised there is a profit motive for inclusive development, accountable governance, a lower carbon economy, and diversity in the boardroom.

For centuries, the profit motive has seemingly been the sole governing agency of business. Now it’s obvious that business can and must make money as well as a positive difference in the world.

That’s why we proudly partner with change agents in every field, from public companies listed on the ASX right through to charities and governments.

And nestled at the core of this business model is results, always.

It’s as we say on our website’s homepage. We don’t talk about the future – we make it.